AnimeHQ IRC Aid Section

Welcome to IRC help section for AnimeHQ, here you can find a range of FAQ's and Answers as well as some tutorials on various topics related to AnimeHQ such as using our IRC channel.

IRC Downloading Tutorial
Now that you know the basics of IRC (if you don't read the introduction to IRC tutorial) we can begin learning some of the other features IRC has to offer apart from chat. The 3 main types of ways you can download are from File Servers, XDCC Servers and TDCC's (very similar to XDCC's).
File Servers:
The most common of these 3 being the File Server, a File Server is simply an add-on script to your basic mIRC which allows a person to share their files across IRC using something called DCC. The way in which an Fserve (short term for File Server) works is to give access to a set directory on the server computer when a user types a Trigger (a piece of text which activates the server) in the chat room the Fserve is running on. The steps to accessing an Fserve are as follows:

1) Type

in the channel, you will then see a load of adds scrolling down the screen (see screenshot below for example):

(As you can see each add gives details on each of the Fserves which are running in the room you type !list in, because people have limited bandwidth each Fserve has a maximum amount of send/queue slots open therefore if you don't wanna be held up in a queue (although sometimes there is no choice) its best to look for an Fserve with some send slots free)

2) Type the Fserves trigger that you obtained from the add, for example if we wanted to access "Lezl_Fs" Fserve we would type "/ctcp Lezl_Fs Lezl Anime" or "/ctcp Lezl_Fs Lezl Jpop", the reason why there are 2 triggers are this particular Fserve is because each accesses a different folder on Lezl's computer.

(Note: Triggers beginning with a "/" can be typed in any window but those without must be typed in the channel in which the Fserve is running, also remember to remove color formatting before typing a trigger, this is just black blocks with numbers next to them to make the adds look better)

3) Once the trigger has been typed you will receive a DCC chat warning which you must accept, an example of the warning is below:

4) Now that you have accepted that chat warning you will be taken to a new window which is the Fserves main interface, here you can issue commands to the server to perform various tasks, the main commands you can issue are below:

- This command will list all files and folders in the current Fserve folder.
<foldername> - The command cd followed by a folder name will allow you to change to that folder
- This command allows you to change back to the previous folder
get <filename>
- Typing get followed by a file name will allow you to either download that file or have it queued (if all send slots are full). (Note: Make sure you have ignore turned off in your mIRC options by going to File > Options or sends may be auto ignored by mIRC).
- This will tell you the status of any current sends being carried out by the Fserve
- This will tell you the status of any current queues on the Fserve

5) Once you are done setting up the sends or queues for the files you want you can close down the chat window (don't worry this wont effect your sends or queues) and either let the files download or wait for them to be sent (if queued), I would suggest turning auto-accept on if you are in a large queue meaning the file will be received by you automatically without you having to be at the computer all the time waiting.

XDCC Servers:

The next main method for downloading is via XDCC's, these can be in the form of a pure bot (its only purpose is to run an XDCC) or just an add-on for mIRC which you can run along side the chat program. The difference between XDCC's and Fserves is that instead of using an interface to locate what you want you simply type one line of code into mIRC to receive or queue a file, the steps to using XDCC's are below:

1) Instead of typing !list to view an XDCC ad, first choose a botname from the nick list, which all have AHQ|Excel-01 or some form like that. After selecting a bot, type /msg <bot name> xdcc list. DO NOT type xdcc list in the channel. You will now see a list of the packs for that bot:

(Looking at the add we can see that as well as showing send/queue stats it also lists "packs", these are simply a file name with a number next to them)

2) After looking at the ads and choosing some packs we like we type the following:

/msg <bot name> xdcc send #x
(replacing <bot name> with the name of the bot and x with the pack number)

3) Once this is done you will either be added to the queue (if there are no free send slots) or will receive a send request which when accepted will start the download.


This is the final method of downloading that will be discussed, a TDCC is basically an XDCC but with only one pack and instead of typing a pack number you type a trigger (such as we did for accessing the Fserve) to download or queue the single file listed. To find TDCC's just type !list and TDCC adds will appear along with Fserve adds.